12 November 2013

Students and teachers at Delhi Public School - Panipat. Photo © Druhi Dasgupta


"It would be incredible if we are able to organise this workshop in Delhi Public School, Panipat," says Ms. Druhi Dasgupta in an excited tone over the phone. "But there is a tiny glitch," she adds, "We have not yet explored the possibility of reaching out to a school outside Delhi/NCR." But finally after some discussion, we agree upon organising the workshop at the school.

"As a Green Warrior, it was simply a new experience to me which I have never come across working as an Educational Consultant. The drive was a smooth yet long one. It took us an hour-and-a-half to reach the school. But it felt very meaningful to discuss the objectives of Greenpeace in detail and its various initiatives."

"As soon as we entered the school, we saw a score of smiling students, a few teachers and the Principal, Mrs. Udita Ganguly waiting for us at the steps of the school. There was a banner tied at one corner stating 'Welcome Greenpeace' making it evident how excited the school team was. The Principal took us to her room and had a nice discussion over a cup of hot coffee and some delicious snacks. She shared the initiatives taken by the school in terms of using solar energy, rain water conservation and an attempt to make it a fully green campus."

"Soon after the discussion, the workshop began. The language lab was filled with students and some teachers. They were more than 100 in number with inquisitive expressions and various questions. The presentation went well and was really appreciated, and was followed by an interactive session. It was simply unbelievable when students shared what tiny steps they have taken to conserve the environment. There were lots of pictures taken and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time learning about what more can be done for the environment. Druhi gifted a Greenpeace Calendar to the Principal, Mrs. Ganguly with a promise to take the association to the next level ensuring higher level of participation and involvement from each member of the school to which she readily agreed."