30 April 2014

Forest area in Singrauli region © Sudhanshu Malhotra / Greenpeace


The hands resemble chicken beaks, pecking away at fresh flower buds that fall in the morning.

It is the peak season for the forest dwellers to pick mahua in Mahan. After this season which lasts a little over a month at this time of the year, it is time for them to start picking tendu leaves.

While both mahua and tendu are commonly associated with making alcohol and beedis, please know that these forest products are used in food and medicines as well.

Essar has got Stage II clearance to mine in these forests, located in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

Mahan is home to Asia's largest salwood forest comprising of about 5,00,000 trees

Over the past years, Mahan Sangharsh Samiti and Greenpeace have been fighting to retain the rights of these forest dwellers. The fight also extends to prevent displacement of these indigenous people.

Your support to this movement will ensure that these forests are retained and the people of Mahan forest are allowed to lead dignified lives.

Click on www.junglistan.greenpeace.in to join the protest.

Adarsh is an activist and a volunteer with Greenpeace India.