India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and a republic nation. And it's enriched with magnificent flora and fauna, however due to globalization, modernization and industrialization, the natural wealth is soon dissipating.

Recently, Greenpeace India has been sued by the Essar Group, for Rs. 500-crore in a defamation suit in Bombay High Court and Greenpeace activist were arrested by the police for peacefully protesting against Essar's plans to start mining in Mahan, which is located in Madhya Pradesh.

As we are aware that Article 19 (a) and 19 (b) of the Constitution of India are all about protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech and expression. It states that all citizens shall have the right:

(a) To Freedom of Speech and Expression;

(B) To Assemble Peaceably and Without Arms;

And being educated and responsible citizens of India, we completely understand that the aforesaid right is subject to reasonable restrictions. These restrictions can be imposed by law when the sovereignty of India or public order is threatened.

Heena Sharma is a practicing advocate in Delhi and a volunteer with Greenpeace.