Anandrao Sambaji KambleI had the oldest visitor at the tree house on Day 24. Meet Anandrao Sambhaji Kamble born on the 12th of February 1942 which makes him 70 years old.

He said he is preparing a speech to give at the CBD in Hyderabad if given an opportunity and he also said he will become a financial supporter of Greenpeace. The next time we are blocking the gates of a ministry I would love to see Anandrao ji there.

Anandrao Sambhaji Kamble. © Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.

I've observed a lot of interesting things about the forests during my stay here. One of my many observations is absolutely nothing goes to waste in the forests. Not even a single morsel of rice.

I take the left-overs, and slowly dip the plates into the water. Instantly, the fish come clean up the plates. The cleaned plates look like they've come out of a dishwasher.

While noticing the feeding frenzy, I discovered  a small detail. As soon as any fish gets a bite of the food, they jump out of the water and swim to the farthest corner really fast, trying to swallow the food in the process.They do that because if they get a bite and hang around for too long, there will hundreds of other fish who will try to snatch that food from her mouth.

All this happens so fast, that it was very difficult to capture this with my regular point and shoot  camera. I tired the sports continous mode and picked 15 pictures from the the 362 photos I took. Here's the best shot.

Fish at work© Brikesh Singh / Greenpeace.


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