23 April 2014

Blue Indian Roller


"Mahan" - one of the greatest and oldest sal forests in India. More than 60 villages depend on these forests for their livelihood. Essar's intention to mine coal in these forests is going to destroy livelihood and a lot more.

Mahan's forests are also important because of the wildlife they support. While collecting Mahua, we saw many types of birds. The Blue Roller entertained us for hours with their sorties and chases into the trees and onto the forest floor.

23 April 2014

White Necked Stork


Black drongoes with their forked tails and the sounds they made were a melody to listen to. The incessant chatter of the Hill Myna was ever present. Green parakeets flitted about giving us a glimpse of colour.

Bee eaters were seen with their mask like eyes chasing insects on the wing. A crow pheasant with its copper brown wings had the boys guessing if it was a cuckoo bird.

Sunbirds were up and about with the first rays of the sun as we were too! When I spotted these wooly necked storks I was enthralled! A Lapwing screeched its danger call and warned them away!

The locals tell us interesting stories of encounters with black bears which abound in this habitat. Forests mean something for all creatures. We have no right to disturb this ecosystem and displace the flora and fauna.

Phiroza Tafti is an activist and a volunteer with Greenpeace India.

Photo credit: Phiroza Tafti.

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