03 July 2014


Greenpeace India is a campaigning organisation that works for the environment on national and global issues. Also, Greenpeace is situated in 40 other countries, where people like me plan campaigns for a better future. Our core values are:

  • We 'bear witness' to environmental destruction in a peaceful, non-violent manner;
  • We use non-violent confrontation to raise the level and quality of public debate;
  • In exposing threats to the environment and finding solutions we have no permanent allies or adversaries;
  • We ensure our financial independence from political or commercial interests;
  • We seek solutions for, and promote open, informed debate about society's environmental choices

In addition to this, Greenpeace India has concerned Indian citizens working in nine offices, who work for the betterment of the country. I work with Greenpeace India and definitely care about development and environment and as a nature lover as well as a young concerned citizen, matters such as these affect me and hence our teams collectively work on planning campaigns that work for the country as well as for tribal communities. Does this make me and my colleagues anti-national? Not just me but think about all the other motivated colleagues of mine who have been facing this blame, after the recent IB report that came out, which by the way is full of ridiculous assertions, unsubstantiated statements and mistakes designed to undermine support for those campaigning for a better India.

I know my colleagues in the fundraising department who work tirelessly talking to people all day about our campaigns and raising funds from individuals who appreciate our work and motivate us to work better. We have more than 3 lakh supporters who keep us motivated by writing to us as well as supporting us financially. What is wrong or 'anti- national' in that?

While I do appreciate some concerns people have, I think it's fair to ask us about it and clear it rather than state ridiculous statements and call us anti-national because that's really sad and de-motivating. It's high time people wake up and realise things that affect us and take action directly by doing their part for the environment and the country rather than call us anti-national!

Peace and love!

Janet Vrinda is a digital engagement campaigner with Greenpeace India.