I can’t stand the thought of deforestation! It is something that sneaks up on you and hits you right in the face, a big stunning, SMACK! It was turning out to be one of those uneventful, mundane days and suddenly this thought jolted me out of bed. Braving the mosquito attacks, I switched on the lights, put on my glasses and started writing this blog.

Forests and wildlife I have been signing petitions, voicing my opinion and doing my bit to help the environment but it is just not enough. I can’t get forests out of my head, or the reason they are being destroyed. Mining! Coal is formed from plants and trees, naturally found in forests, known as a carbon sink.

Forests are also home to thousands of animals and biodiversity. Being a hard-core animal lover I can’t imagine what these creatures will go through once their only home is destroyed for unsustainable development. Most of us have grown up reading or watching Lion King, Tarzan and the Jungle Book. All these stories revolve around the beauty of forests. They are incomplete without forests.

Almost every day news channels are carrying stories of wild elephants, leopards and other animals crossing paths with humans. One or the other gets hurt or dies in these conflicts. What else will happen if we keep stripping animal habitats to pieces?

Coal is not the answer for clean energy, nor is chopping away forests in the name of providing power to everyone! Renewable energy is clean and will keep our forests safe and, along with energy efficiency measures will help meet our growing demands.

The forests can be kept safe and I want them safe. Go ahead, call me a FOOL! I am proud to be a Fool for Forests!

Become Fool for Forests: http://www.foolsforforests.org/english/join/?src=vpm&u=1


Image: © Greenpeace/Markus Mauthe