What brings people together? What unites cultures? What is it that people from different backgrounds and mindsets relate equally to?

How do we spread awareness amongst people because about the need to save our lush green forests?

A child paints her the forests at the get together in Delhi

ART! That was the answer.

Open air at the Deer park in Delhi
Children getting together to paint for the forests.
Acoustic, unplugged music performances.
We had the event planned in our minds.

June 26th, the day we were supposed to get together for the forests, started with continuous rain. We had to call off our event. So we called up the bands around noon informing them about the change in plans. But the rains had something else in mind. Around 1 pm, the sun was out again and weather in Delhi was better. We now decided to continue with our event and did all that we possibly could to get people to come together for the forests.

As children painted what forests meant to them, musicians played music for the forests. People spending their evening at Deer park and those visiting areas around it came over and spoke to us about the conditions of our forests.

Niloy Duttagupta, a student activist present at the get together said, “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might not, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

It was truly a get together for the forests and I hope that the message is out and spreading. Our forests need us and it’s time we make the right choice. Choose forests says a Fool for Forests.

Image: © Greenpeace/Rachita Taneja