Now that the New Year is finally here, I am sorting out my resolution list. While I was working on mine, another really long list of resolutions landed in my inbox. This one was a set of green resolutions made by Greenpeace India’s supporters.

As I sat and put together the green list, some of the resolutions from here crept into my personal list. They are very simple and easy to follow compared to the ones I made for myself.. If you are still making your resolutions here are a few suggestions which will help you and the planet and if you are done with your resolutions you can add some fairly simple ones from here. Take a look:

Carry a bag: A long shopping plan or a quick trip to the nearest grocery store, one can always carry a cloth or a jute bag. Plastic is bad and must be avoided as much as possible. If they are not banned in your city you can always say no to the shop keeper and extend your own bag instead.

Switch off: When not needed, switch off the lights, fans or any of the other electronics. A large Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy resourcenumber of people in this country are deprived of this resource. It is scarce and its production results in emissions which pollute the environment. Save electricity, save money and save the environment. Switching to more renewable energy resources like solar energy is a great idea as well.

Water works: It’s precious and should be used with care. We tend to take water for granted. Its value hits us only when the taps run dry. There are simple measures like covering the vessel while cooking or turning off the taps when not in use which can help save water.

Virtual billing: Paper bills are of no value once they are cleared. They come after a lot of precious trees are chopped to produce paper. Opt for online or virtual bill payment instead. This will save trees and the hassle of standing in long queues.

Recycle and re-use: Gift wrapping papers, newspapers, printouts, all of this can be recycled and re-used. Pages from old, half used note books, diaries or note pads can come together to make a brand new one. Keep your own coffee mug at work to avoid using disposable paper or plastic cups for that much need coffee break. Take printouts only if you have to and make use of both sides of the paper.

Park the car, board a bus: Take a bus or your preferred mode of public transport to work. That way you cut down on vehicular pollution and remove that one extra car from the city traffic. Carpooling is another good option, a bit more comfortable than a bus or a train journey. If you are guilty about missing gym, then compensate by cycling to work or walking if you live close by.

Plant trees: All of us do not have the advantage of a house with a green patch or a lush terrace garden. But we do have the good old balcony or the small kitchen window. Make the best use of the place you have and plant a small sapling. Indoor plants are a good option for those who have space restraints. If planting something is practically impossible for you then you can choose to nurture a tree or a sapling in your locality which has been planted and forgotten. For those with lots of space, plant lots of trees. Whatever you do, remember to keep it organic.

Spread the word: This is the simplest resolution of the lot. Being aware makes a big difference. If you are aware then spread the word. Keeping the environment safe becomes easier with more and more people conscious about the need to preserve things. Talk about it to your friends, tell your colleagues and encourage environmentally friendly practices at home. Set an example by adopting some of the resolutions above. Start right away by sharing this list of resolutions with your friends.

I have already started on the last one by getting some of my friends to adopt at least one of these resolutions. With this list ready I have another longer resolution list waiting for me. This time it’s going to be very green. Have you started editing yours yet?