Initially, I joined Greenpeace as a response to the solicitation from the fund-raisers on the streets. I have always believed that we should all play a participatory role in protecting our planet. This is not only for our own living interests, but also to protect the interests for our descendents who follow. We all think in terms of leaving behind a legacy of culture and fortune; we must however realize that the environment plays a major role in sustaining such a legacy.

I have been following the work done by various institutions for different causes over the years. These include education for the illiterate, food for the hungry, health for the sick, homes for the aged and finally preservation and enhancement of the environment. All such causes are laudable and require all our attention and effort, be it in cash or kind. I have been a financial supporter of Greenpeace for the last five years.

Save climate act now

I support them because there is an urgent need for us to galvanize a more participatory awareness amongst people to take responsibility for the well being of our planet.

Global warming has been talked about time and again, without substantial gains made to reverse the scenario. We need to spread the fact that consuming Earth's resources in such an indiscriminate and disproportionate manner cannot be justified by mere monetary compensation by the rich or those wanting to get rich quickly.

While none of this may be news to those already enlightened, there is a vast majority who need to be made aware of many such issues and also educated in ways of prevention and speaking out against policies and acts that directly or indirectly worsen the situation. This can only be achieved on a large and effective scale under a common umbrella that unifies countries and thoughts of like minded individuals to work to a common cause and goal for healthy living in terms of the air we breathe and food we consume.

I believe Greenpeace is one such organization that can help facilitate such a revolution and help save the planet before it is too late. Supporting them is supporting the movement to protect our Earth, and I am proud to call myself a Greenpeace supporter.

Image: © Prashant Ravi / Greenpeace