Today was, unfortunately, another day of uncertainty, confusion, danger and struggle in Japan. Here are some links to help you get a picture of what's happening.

IMPORTANT: If you are in Japan, the Japan Times has a good resource page with emergency phone numbers and lots of useful links.

Rescue and relief assistance is pouring in from countries around the world ranging from the USA to Mongolia. If you'd like to help, the Christian Science Monitor has some advice.

Status of the Fukushima 1 reactors: See the Guardian blog for "at a glance" status, and Reuters for more detail.

If you want to understand what's happened, the Washington Post and New York Times both have very easy to follow interactive graphics explaining the basics.

For breaking news, Kyodo often has it first, the Guardian blog puts it in context. Twitter feeds from CBS News, Japan Times and Reuters are all good. But if you don't want to be overwhelmed, just follow our Twitter feed, and we'll pass on the crucial events.

Still have questions? Greenpeace USA Nuclear Policy Analyst Jim Riccio has answers. And your might also find our Q & A briefing useful.

We'll also keep updating our main Fukushima page as this crisis unfolds. As always, our thoughts are with the courageous people of Japan.