Become a Fundraiser for Greenpeace

Not everyone can boast of having a job that invites people to change the world. Become a
Fundraiser for Greenpeace India and inspire people to join the movement as our financial

To us your passion matters! Whatever be your current identity, we would be happy to have
you in our team. All you need is

  • an interest towards environmental issues
  • an inclination to talk and listen to people from all walks of life about these issues
  • persistent optimism to succeed in your efforts.

Your time at Greenpeace will help us remain proudly independent to continue our work for a
safer and greener planet.


Our supporters will love you. Check out what they have to say:


While I was walking outside my office sometime last week, someone approached me, it was much to my delight that he was a Greenpeace volunteer! I was quite glad to meet him and a few more over there! We had some little talk over environmental issues which otherwise take years and years even for discussion...

Sohini et al, I wouldn't like this moment to fly by without letting you guys know that ‘You people are doing gr8 work’ and it is so much appreciated!!!

We are so happy to be associated with Greenpeace... Keep the Spirit up and All the Best!

Dear Brikesh Singh,

Many thanks for what you are doing to save our beautiful forests. I am 80 and grew up in Poona where my father planted trees whereever he could and we would water and nurture them for the first three years of their lives.

I am pleased to contribute to Greenpeace and am enclosing my cheque.

My very best wishes for the success of Greenpeace.


R.Y. Tarapaponvala

Join our team of committed and fun loving people and have a blast while making a difference!

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