At Greenpeace, ordinary people do extra ordinary things. Some climb bridges and buildings, some decipher bulky scientific reports and all of them do it just for the sake of planet Earth.

These are human efforts without any influence from Kryptonite or radioactive spiders. Passion for the environment is their superpower. You can make a difference too. Add the extra to the ordinary.

Become a volunteer

Greenpeace India has a network volunteers working in different parts of the country. From taking prints to scaling coal plants, there’s loads to be done. We even provide action and non-violence training to folks willing to become activists.

As a volunteer you will get to work on different campaigns, participate in workshops, trainings and actions and interact with a cross section of people working to save the planet.

For more information write to:

Don't forget to  mention the name of your city in the subject line of your email to us.