best ACTIVIST job in the world!

Job - July 19, 2011
Calling female social/political activists to use your skills for the environment

1.     Have you been a part of any political/social/environmental movement in the country?

2.     Are you a politically minded person who wants to act and make a difference for the environment?

3.  Will you plan, organize and participate in direct actions for Greenpeace and go to jail for it?

4.  Do you have the maturity and calm temperament and the ability to be able to
remain so when the sh!t really hits the fan?

5. Do you want to be the person who designed and planned this kind direct action?


So, why did six Indians go to jail? Do you want to be one of them? - watch this video here

Read what a fellow female activist from our UK office, Rachel has to say about this job - here

If we have convinced you that this is the best job in the world - read the job profile & Apply NOW

To Apply

Send us 

a. Your CV (2 page max)

b. A 1000 word note telling us about a social/political movement you were a part of and your role & experience in this movement.