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Page - June 23, 2011
Meet Swati our web editor

What I do at Greenpeace:Swati

I am a writer and editor with the Digital Media team.

The most important and challenging part of my job is to write campaign emails, asking people to take action on various issues we are working on. Writing these is challenging, as you have to come with a new angle every time you communicate with people. At the same time you need to turn highly scientific and number heavy campaign talk into simple issues that people can relate to and take action.

Apart from the campaign mails, there are fund raising mails too. We send out these mails periodically asking people to contribute to Greenpeace. Getting people to give money is a high-end ask. The fund raising mails have to be convincing enough to make people pull out their credit cards and make a contribution instantly.

Along with emails, I also have to look after and manage the Greenpeace India website. Keeping the website up-to-date,making campaigners and other staff members write blogs for the site, sub-editing writing sent in by people for the website (that is a lot of work! Sometimes I end up re-writing the entire piece), uploading reports press released etc. All this is also a part of what I do.

Any kind of writing for anything online, two lines or 200 words, mostly has to be provided or edited by me.

So very simply stated I do a lot of writing and editing every day. If you have ever done any of these before, you'll know that the only thing simple about these is their name.

Life before Greenpeace:

I was a journalist before I came to Greenpeace. I had freelanced and interned with broadcast and print media houses before and was finally employed as a sub-editor at Deccan Chronicle Bangalore. That's when I realised, that laying pages and making boxes was not what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to do something different, that made a difference and so I came to Greenpeace.

I am an MA in journalism and a BA in Political Science (Hons). Of course to get these degrees I had to finish primary, secondary and higher secondary education at school.

My most memorable experience at Greenpeace, yet:

I started work at Greenpeace with the campaign against Bt Brinjal. Everyone was working really hard and in the end a moratorium was announced. That was really exciting as it was the first ever GP campaign for me and we had achieved a milestone.

Apart from this every time any cyberaction getting a huge response, makes me really excited. It's kind of a personal in a way because, some 50,000 people are responding to something written by me. I became a journalist to make a difference through my writing. I am not one now, but I am doing what I intended to.