Delhi’s budget is disappointing; fails to address the real issue of power crisis in the state: Greenpeace

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Press release - March 21, 2013
New Delhi, March 21, 2013: “The budget presented by Delhi’s Chief Minister for the financial year 2013- 2014 can be best described in two words: disappointment and failure,” said Abhishek Pratap, Senior Campaigner- Climate & Energy, Greenpeace India

In spite of the unprecedented power crisis which Delhi faced last summer (including the world’s worst ever blackout), the budget speech of the Chief Minister does not give any confidence to its people that similar power crisis will not occur this year.  

The state is reeling under a peak power deficit of close to 1000 MW. Allocating INR 513 crore for improving transmission line and making Delhi as “Power Island” will not solve the issue of power crisis in the state. “When conventional sources are failing to meet the rising power demand, how improving the transmission only will help the state in avoiding power cuts during soaring summer? State needs to invest in renewable energy,” Pratap added. Recently, the Delhi government announced that all the government buildings will install solar panel on their rooftop to address the power crisis. However, it is sheer disappointment for people in the state that Delhi’s Chief Minister failed to allocate any resources in the budget for such a progressive energy plan.

Delhi Government and in particular the Chief Minister, who is going for elections later this year to seek an unprecedented fourth term, should understand that real solution to power crisis in Delhi lies in increased investment in renewable energy like solar and biomass. To ensure this, as a first step, the Delhi Government like many other states should enact a renewable energy policy for the state and make specific budget allocation for building renewable energy infrastructures as a long-lasting and sustainable solution to power crisis. Until and unless this happens, Delhi cannot avoid the power crisis.


Abhishek Pratap: Sr Campaigner, Greenpeace India. +91 98456 10749

Shashwat Raj: Sr Media Officer, Greenpeace India. +91 968686 1974