Filmstar and Greenpeace activists detained in a peaceful protest at Charminar

Press release - October 8, 2012
Hyderabad, October 8, 2012: Famous film personality, Amla Akkineni and three Greenpeace activists were detained by the local police while protesting against Indian government's role in forest destruction, today at Charminar.

Responding to the detention of Amla Akkineni and three Greenpeace activists at the Charminar monument for hanging a banner calling for an end to the destruction of forests by the Indian Government in their mad dash for coal Divya Raghunandan from Greenpeace said, “Defending the forests of India isn’t a crime. The people who should be the arrested are the politicians who have agreed to the wholesale destruction of our forests in their mad dash for coal. The present policy of the Indian government will fell over 1.1 million hectares of pristine forest, displace tens of thousands of indigenous people and wreck the rich biodiversity of India.”