Greenpeace and the United RWA Joint Action Front condemn DERC for mocking democratic norms

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Press release - May 17, 2013
New Delhi: May17th, 2013: Condemning DERC (Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission) for being hand-in-glove with the private DISCOMs, Greenpeace India is demanding a proper "Public Hearing" on any power tariff revision for any class of consumers in Delhi.

Greenpeace India Energy campaigner Mr. Anand Prabu said, “The power crisis and electricity tariff is a matter of concern for every citizen of the city. Holding a public hearing without inviting public is just making a mockery of democratic norms. Converting a public hearing into a close-door meeting is a clear indication that DERC is being non-transparent and considers private profit more important that general people. Being the electricity regulator of the national capital, DERC should have penalized DISCOMs for non-compliance of RPO targets. However, instead of penalizing DISCOMs for not developing clean energy supply in the city, DERC is making the common consumers pay more for expensive and dirty fossil fuel like coal. We once again reiterate our demand that DERC should hold proper public hearing for tariff hike and penalize DISCOMs for non-compliance of RPO targets."

Reacting on the incident Mr. Atul Goyal, of URJA Front said "The DERC is behaving in a dictatorial manner and indulging in 'divide and rule' games with the citizens of Delhi. According to the law, the DERC is supposed to consult with all stakeholders on the same platform, in a transparent manner, before fixing power tariffs. By calling for a separate hearing with commercial consumers, they are trying to drive a wedge between shopkeepers, traders, public utilities like DMRC etc and citizens. The DERC is behaving in a divisive manner. Since all citizens are stakeholders in all commercial establishments, any 'public hearing' that is held without the involvement of RWAs is null and void. It goes against all the tenets of transparency and accountability that the DERC is bound to follow."
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Atul Goyal, URJA Representative, Executive Member of People's Action -parent body of URJA +91 9868148896