Greenpeace welcomes TAIPA’s initiative of a roadmap by March 2013 to power mobile network towers with renewable energy

Press release - October 11, 2012
New Delhi, October 11, 2012: Greenpeace welcomes TAIPA’s decision to initiate a pilot on 1000 mobile towers powered by renewable energy. The association has also committed to come up with a roadmap to rollout renewable energy in its network towers based on the assessment of this pilot project, by March 2013. This commitment will help the industry to implement the Green Telecom Directive issued by the Department of Telecommunication earlier this year.

Energy has been a major component of the operating expenditure of the telecom operators and with the recent hike in the diesel price; it will further hit their profitability. The implementation of the green telecom directive will result in a saving of INR 80, 000 crore over a period of 8 years for the telecom sector.

Greenpeace would strongly urge the entire telecom industry to act faster and look beyond 2013 while preparing the roadmap for a diesel free telecom infrastructure by 2020. The prize for this would be a game changer for the society.

Greenpeace will continue to provide timely inputs to the industry. Meanwhile Greenpeace also calls on the government to make the National Green Telecom Directive stronger by making it mandatory for its faster implementation.

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