One step forward at the UN conference: Greenpeace

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Press release - October 18, 2012
Commenting on success of the negotiations for the protection of marine biodiversity by UN members states at the biodiversity convention (COP11 – CBD) in Hyderabad Veronica Frank, from Greenpeace said: “It is not often at these large UN conferences that the environment has much to celebrate, but yesterday was one of those rare exceptions. After ten days of intense negotiations, representatives of governments from across the globe put individual self interest to one side and agreed to a set of measures that will take us a step closer to an effective regime for the protection of our oceans. The warning signs have been everywhere, and finally the leaders seem to be listening."

The most important feature of the document is how, for the first time, countries agreed to describe sensitive marine areas within and beyond national jurisdiction and to send the relevant information to the UN general assembly. This will help the global discussion on high seas marine biodiversity and provide invaluable data on how we can save the world’s oceans and the species that live in them. The challenge now that the talking is over will be the implementation of this important decision.