How can you make a difference in Delhi

Page - April 30, 2013
You can make all the difference.

If you are living in Delhi you can start by sending an email to CM Sheila Dixit, asking her to implement a strong policy to encourage the use of renewable energy in the city. 

If you are not in Delhi then write to the Union Minister of Power, Jyotiraditya Scindia.

If you've done that already, then tell your friends about it. Share, tweet or re-tweet. Let your friends know that you have written to the CM. Tell them that you are doing something to solve Delhi's dismal power situation, reduce its dependency on coal and make it a world class city. Let them join you, and get more of their friends to join them. This way, we'll spread the word and have a really large number of people asking for a renewable Delhi.

The amazing thing about solar power is that you can generate electricity for yourself, on your own. You can actually set-up solar panels on your roof. We'll leave that for you to decide. You can however sign-up as a roof-donor to show your support for implementing solar power in Delhi. We can use it to show the support for solar power in Delhi to the CM.

How do we win?

It’s an election year and the CM has been talking about continuous electricity supply for Delhites this summer. Her potential voters are telling her how to fulfill this promise. All she needs to do is listen to them.

The Delhi government is not averse to the idea of using renewable energy. Our emails to the CM, and activities on ground, will show them that this is an idea worth implementing.

All we are asking the government to do, is to make it easy for the city to use this free source of power. We are helping them solve the power-issues that have plagued Delhi for ages.