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School Goes Solar - 97.5% Reduction in Electricity Bill

From Rs. 4 lakh a month to 10 thousand, Tagore International School has witnessed a considerable dip in the school’s electricity bill post solar rooftop installation; that’s a 97.5% reduction in electricity bills.

In the last four years, the school has managed to install 175Kw worth of solar power, which is the peak energy requirement for the school in summers. This has helped the school achieve complete dependency on solar. Every single light, fan, AC, appliances, as well as the lifts in the school run on Solar. Since the school is mostly operational during the day, they did not require batteries which significantly cut down their costs. The panels are cleaned every day and are taken care of very well. The school takes pride in its environmentally progressive step to go solar, and encourages all schools to take the same road. Tagore’s director, Ms. Madhulika Sen, believes that educational institutions, where our future generations are being trained and developed, should be the very first places to set up solar panels, become self sufficient in terms of energy, and model themselves as a green space - showing the right path to the future generations. She points out how the school benefits during the summer vacations as the output of the solar plant is the best in those months, and since all of that power goes into the grid, the school earns tremendous amounts of credit from BSES in that period.

The students of this school located in Delhi, love studying in classrooms lit up with the power of the sun. It has left an impact on the young minds, making them more mindful of their own carbon footprint. In fact, inspired by the solar panels above their classrooms, a few students have begun exploring ideas on reducing carbon footprint.

In terms of saving the environment and beating the dirty coal-based electricity, installing rooftop solar may seem like a small effort. However, it clearly has cascading effects. The idea of rooftop solar has gone out like waves. Students keep coming back to share their parents’ willingness to put up solar panels on their homes.