The Esperanza's Crew

Page - February 16, 2012
The Esperanza's crew has some interesting people from different parts of the world. They keep it going around the planet, helping save our oceans and spreading Greenpeace's message where it's needed most.

Here are some people who keep Greenpeace's largest ship on our oceans going:

Captain Vladimir Votiacov

Vlad was a Captain with the Russian Merchant Navy before he joined Greenpeace. In this short video, Vlad talks a little about the history of the Esperanza, some of its features and his favourite action with Greenpeace.

Georgia Hirsty, Deckhand

An American by birth, Georgia initially worked for Greenpeace USA as a fundraiser until she found herself on the Esperanza. In this video Georgia talks about what the job of a deckhand is all about, her favourite action and much more.

Babu Bhaskaran, Cook

As a chief cook, Babu has worked on Greenpeace ships since 6 years. He hails from a place near Cochin in Kerala where he owns a small farm, growing coconut and rubber trees. He has previously worked aboard the Rainbow Warrior II and the Arctic Sunrise. On this video, Babu talks about all that and more.

Luis Vasquez, 2nd Engineer

Luis, the 2nd Engineer, has been with Greenpeace since 1996 before which he was sailing on Cargo ships. In this video, Luis talks about where he come from, his family and what he likes most about sailing on the Esperanza.

Dharmpal Juswal, Electrician

Known as "Papa Paul" on the Espy, Dharmpal Juswal has been sailing with the Navy and commercial ships since 1973. A grandfather of five, Paul got involved with Greenpeace in 2008 and when not sailing on the Esperanza, he engages in tending to a small farm in Himachal Pradesh and helping with a local NGO that works with underprivileged children there.


Dongkyun Seo, Volunteer

Dongkyun Seo is a volunteer from South Korea aboard the Esperanza. He's majored in Electrical Engineering but has a keen interest in the environment. In this video, Dong talks how he got involved with Greenpeace, his duties on the ship and more. 

Julke Brandt, 2nd Mate

27 year old Julke works as a 2nd Mate on the Esperanza. She's the third in command of the ship, after Captain Vlad and 1st Mate Adrian. Her job on the Espy is mostly about keeping the ship on course and keeping the navigation charts in check. In this video she talks about her duties, what she does when she isn't sailing and more.

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