Switch Off Diesel – Switch On Renewable

The Indian telecom industry is well placed to lead the nation towards a prosperous low-carbon economic model. Greenpeace challenges the telecom industry to decouple its staggering growth from continued reliance on fossil fuels, dirty diesel in particular, and adopt clean renewable energy as dominant part of energy sourcing. The sector needs to advocate for a business model which relies on energy efficiency measures that harnesses clean energy sources for its operations. At the same time, the sector should also support legislation to stop the climate crisis.

The telecom sector and mobile telephony in particular has caught the imagination of India by revolutionising the way we communicate and share information.  Through its staggering growth, the sector has helped millions to stay connected. This growth, however, has and continues to be at the cost of the climate, powered by an unsustainable and inefficient model of energy generation and usage. Simultaneously, this growth has also resulted in a significant loss to the State exchequer, raising fundamental questions on the future business and operation model of the telecom sector.

Today, Greenpeace released a report called, ‘Dirty Talking? A case for telecom to shift from diesel to renewable’. This report shows how the sector can easily switch to a clean & efficient renewable energy system. This switch will help in combating climate crisis and reducing the energy cost of the sector by 2015. A win for the planet, is a win for the industry.

Read our briefing paper or head over to our new report. Let's switch off diesel.

Cost of electricity per unit in INR / KWh

Electricity Generating Source20112020203020402050
Diesel Generator 18 27.63 30.1 32.65 35.16
Solar Energy 17 5.02 3.7 3.08 2.58
Wind Energy 5.5 2.71 2.23 2.09 2.09
Biomass CHP 4.0 3.56 3.29 2.85 2.58

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