Greenpeace is pushing for some big, visionary measures to turn around the global trend towards runaway climate change. The plan needs political will to make it happen and the opportunity is at the Copenhagen summit in December. You can get behind our plan in a whole lot of different ways. Here's how.

Solutions for the climate

  • Make sure emissions peak in 2015 and decrease as rapidly as possible towards zero after that.
  • Developed countries must make cuts of 40 percent on their 1990 carbon emisisons by 2020.
  • Developing countries must slow the growth of emissions by 15-30 percent by 2020, with support from industrialised nations.
  • Protect tropical forests with a special funding mechanism - forests for climate.
  • Replace dirty fossil fuel energy with renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Reject false solutions like nuclear energy.

The latest updates


A proud owner of solar panels

Image | October 1, 1996 at 4:30

A proud owner of solar panels


Image | September 1, 1993 at 4:30

Greenfreeze - ozone friendly refrigerator containing no freons or CFCs.

Damage caused by Hurricane Andrew, USA.

Image | August 1, 1992 at 4:30

Damage caused by Hurricane Andrew, USA.

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