Wipro now No.2 global green electronics brand

Two Indian companies in global top five in latest Greener Electronics guide

Press release - September 30, 2009
BENGALURU, India — Wipro climbs to the No.2 rank worldwide in the latest edition of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics.


Abhishek Pratap

Toxics & Energy Campaigner

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Ankur 'Toby' Ganguly

Communications Manager

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  • Wipro climbs to the No.2 rank worldwide in the latest edition of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, due to its strong performance on climate and continuing progress on e-waste management.
  • HCL, second Indian company in the global top five.
  • Nokia remains on top. Samsung and Wipro are placed joint second. Sony Ericsson, HCL, and Philips complete the top five in the list.
  • Wipro is the first Indian company to commit to absolute emission reduction targets - detailed plan to cut carbon emissions by 20% over the next three years.
  • HCL and Wipro reiterate that they would launch PVC and BFR-free products by the end 2009. Both companies have products compliant with latest Energy Star rating and show strong performance on e-waste management by reporting an increase in e-waste recycling rate.
  • HCL again fails to set targets on carbon emissions reduction.
  • Penalty points from Hewlett Packard lifted, for launching a Notebook virtually free of PVC (vinyl plastic) and brominated flame retardants (BFRs), and for reprioritising its toxic PVC and BFR phase out by 2011.
  • LG Electronics plummeted seven places to 11th position, for backtracking on its timeline to eliminate PVC and BFRs from its products. Only its mobile phone range would be free of these toxic substances as of 2010. Toxics phase out in TVs and monitors delayed till 2012.

Quotes and Related Information

 1. "It is good to see Indian brands taking their environmental responsibilities more seriously and moving into the top bracket of the global green league. We hope they will turn words into action by launching PVC and BFR-free products soon," said Abhishek Pratap, Toxics and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace India. "Time is running out to prevent runaway climate change. It is imperative for big IT brands to demonstrate leadership by not only reducing their own carbon emissions but also enabling de-carbonised economic growth with their solutions", concluded Pratap.

 2. The eighth edition of the Greenpeace India Guide to Greener Electronics can be accessed at http://www.greenpeace.org/india/e-ranking-guides.

 3. As per the widely used international accounting tool, Green House Gas Protocol (www.ghgprotocol.org) of World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

 4. ENERGY STAR specifications are periodically revised to ensure relevancy under current market conditions. For Computer and related accessories, the latest Energy star rating is Energy Star 5.0 version which came into effect from 1st July, 2009. Refer to http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=prod_development.prod_development_index

 5. For details of HP's new PVC and BFR-free Notebook, refer to http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2009/090915xa.html

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