Annual Report 2013

Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer

Publication - August 27, 2014
What is the catalyst for a successful campaign? Sure, there may be many factors; money, timing, brand name, et al. But the one thing that stands out at the frontline and at the very heart of every campaign, is people. History and literature have romanticised ‘people power’ and its ability to stand up against ‘the man’.

Energy-starved India now has a forerunner to lead the way – Bihar. Here Decentralised Renewable Energy(DRE) has been proven to be the solution for rural electrification. Countless human hours have gone into seeing to it that DRE gets approved by the government as a way forward. A legal framework is being created and along with massive public support and interest, villages that have been in darkness for over 30 years will finally get electricity!

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