The Witness

Page - June 11, 2012
The Witness, is a quarterly newsletter published by Greenpeace India for all its supporters. The newsletter updates our supporters about our campaigns. Get your updates here:


Witness 2.14 Vol. 47

Development is about transforming lives, not just the economy. We, Greenpeace India, truly believe in this, as much as we do in our values of nonviolence, bearing witness to environmental crimes and complete financial independence. Our values are an inseparable part of our work culture and our campaigns that subsequently help us in effective lobbing and to tackle authorities.

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Witness 1.14 Vol. 46

Exasperation leads to effective campaigning. This statement is true in every sense of the word. Everywhere we look around, in every sphere of our lives; be it family, society or the work place, we harbour frustrations that lead to action. As the saying goes, “there’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer”.

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Witness 4.13 Vol. 45

It’s a known fact that strength lies in numbers and we at Greenpeace take pride in our extended family across the globe. Recent events involving the arrest of the crew of one of our ships that was peacefully protecting oil drilling in the Arctic, brought us face to face with the proverbial Goliath and demonstrated that suppressing like minded, passionate people is no easy task.

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Witness 3.13 Vol. 44

How far would you go to fight for what you believe in? Would you hop on a boat, brave the treacherous seas, sail to the top of the world and confront the problem head on? For most, this would seem outlandish but for the valiant Arctic 30, this is just another day on the job! It’s been over a month since the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, crewed with 28 brave activists, two freelance journalists and supported by millions, set sail to stop drilling for oil in the Arctic.

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Witness 2.13 Vol. 43

“What’s all the fuss about solar power and renewable energy off late?” I’m sure this question has at some point crossed your mind. At the risk of sounding repetitive, the current rate at which we’re going, there isn’t going to be much energy left in the near future. With the rampant destruction of our planet’s natural resources on an alarming rise, the time to act is now. It doesn’t take a fancy formula to deduce that we’re burning up more than we can replenish. It’s a simple case where the supply is not meeting the demand. Luckily for us though, there is a solution at hand - one that’s as old as time. The Sun.

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The Witness 1.13 Vol 42

Don't you love that feeling you get when you witness a change that you were instrumental in? It brings hope - the key ingredient that fuels our passion to pursue. This year has started off with pleasant news that acts as a reminder of the good things to come.

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The Witness 2.12 Vol 40

The recent past has indeed been a significant milestone in providing to the world that renewable energy (RE) is no longer just a theory but has the potential to make its way into the mainstream grid. This issue, the spotlight shines on Bihar. As a result of persistent campaigning and public support, Bihar is shaping up to be a model state which acts as working proof that RE is indeed the solution to a dark future. [Download the full report in PDF]

The Witness 1.12 Vol 39

In the recent past, you must have read about our Prime Minister raising the spectre of “foreign hand” which is supposedly behind protests against nuclear energy and GM food. By doing this, the Prima Minister dismissed out concerns and created a smokescreen to undermine both nuclear and food safety of 1.2 billion of us.

It’s no coincidence that the PMs statements come even as the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India bill and the rules under the Nuclear Suppliers Liability Act are due to be introduced in the Parliament. Both are seen as critical by the real foreign hand: giant American agrotech companies and the French, US and Russian nuclear industries. [Download the full report in PDF]


The Witness 4.11 Vol 38

So what is it you think when you think of Greenpeace? Are we “just another NGO” or are we determined campaigners on a mission to protect our environment?

All around us, we see rampant destruction of our planet’s natural resources to satisfy short term wants. What about the future – not only ours but that of our children and grandchildren?

As a child, I learned about India’s rich and ample resources. I’m sure you did too. Recent events have exposed what the vicious jaws of the mining industry are doing to those resources. With complete disregard for repercussions, they’re out to wreck pristine forests in Singruli. All for coal, an unsustainable and dirty energy sources. [Download the full report in PDF]


The Witness 3.11 Vol 37

Inspiring action in India and across the world! Greenpeace recently completed ten years in India and 40 years internationally. With a colourful history of victories and major milestones, Greenpeace continues to retain its core values that started it all.

‘Climate change’ – an inherent, man-made risk on a steady rise. This is one of the major problems that has to be addressed in order to re-establish the delicate balance our environment needs to survive.[Download the full report in PDF]


The Witness 2.11 Vol 36

Who is a fool? Someone who wants to destroy beautiful, life-supporting forests to mine coal – a dirty source of energy, or someone who wants to protect these forests and everything they shelter?

According to the powers that be, forest defenders are fools! What would be rather be; a foolish forest defender or a clever forest destroyer? If you chose the first option, welcome to the 30,000 strong group of people who’ve already joined our fight to protect India’s richest, densest forests from coal-mining. When India has the potential to produce 180 Gigawatts of electricity from clean and renewable sources, why wreck forests for coal?[Download the full report in PDF]


The Witness 1.11 Vol 35

The events in Japan have left us all with a sense of tragedy. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. If there is one thing we must do as a mark of respect to their courage, it’s to double our efforts to prevent a nuclear disaster like this from happening again.

It becomes all the more important for us to support the people of Jaitapur who are opposing the building of untested nuclear plants on their earthquake-prone land. We need to keep pushing one simple choice – clean, renewable sources of energy over dirty and dangerous ones.[Download the full report in PDF]