CeBIT launch of climate leadership challenge

Feature story - 3 March, 2009
Schwarzenegger says they're "whining", Gartner says they're "sleepwalking". IT industry chiefs can help usher in a new low-carbon era, if only they would lead by example and lobby governments for a strong climate agreement in Copenhagen. That's what our new IT Climate Leadership Challenge is for.

IT Executive Job Ad: Become a climate leader!

We're getting IT companies to make greener electronics. Philips' recent transformation to a green leader in the electronics sector shows what public pressure can achieve.

Now we need to get the industry's heavyweights onto their feet and into the ring, so they help us fight the causes of climate change!

IT companies need to address their own carbon footprint, which is currently as large as the aviation industry's and growing. That's not enough though. Their influence with governments could be used to counter the lobbying of dirty old industries, intent on wrecking the Copenhagen negotiations.

Challenging all the big names in IT

We've laid down the challengeto the CEOs of Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft,Nokia, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Sun Microsystems, Toshiba, and Sharp. 

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IT companies like to do the right thing when they know that consumers and competitors are watching. 

Building on our quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics, we will be periodically evaluating responses from the companies and will be highlighting those company CEOs who are stepping up to the Climate Challenge and showing true climate leadership in 2009 and beyond.

Wise words

Gartner - Low Carbon & Environmental leadership report:

"2008 has seen the emergence of some low-carbon 'leaders' in the ICT industry. They are just starting to wake up to the risks and opportunities of climate change, and move beyond pushing a more energy-efficient device. However, on the whole, the industry been sleepwalking toward a low-carbon economy. 2009 will see rapid progress."

Governor Schwarzenegger at CeBIT 2009:

"Losers whine but winners move forward in a strong and powerful way and I know that everyone who is here at the CeBIT is a winner!"

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