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Putin gives Kyoto green light

Feature story | 30 September, 2004 at 0:00

George Bush's government is out in the cold over Kyoto - and it's that old Cold War enemy, Russia, that's put it there. The Russian government has moved closer towards ratifying the crucial Kyoto climate change treaty. But while Bush hangs out in...

Isabel Allende goes ancient forest friendly

Feature story | 27 September, 2004 at 0:00

Last year, Harry Potter went Ancient Forest friendly in Canada. Now, for the first time, a major Spanish publisher has taken steps towards being ancient-forest friendly, with the release of Isabel Allende's new book printed on recycled and Forest...

Dow's fashion show visited by Bhopal survivors

Feature story | 21 September, 2004 at 0:00

At the opening of the Premier Vision textile exhibition in Paris, activists dressed in black t-shirts - each one revealing the faces of Bhopal victims - confronted Dow Chemical as the company presented its new fibre, XLA. Dow Chemical is...

Nuclear shipment crosses Atlantic

Feature story | 21 September, 2004 at 0:00

LATEST UPDATES: www.stop-plutonium.orgThanks to the Bush Administration's disregard for global concerns about nuclear proliferation, two ships carrying some 140kg of weapons-grade plutonium are en route from Charleston, South Carolina, to...

Supporters: the secret of our success

Feature story | 17 September, 2004 at 0:00

Greenpeace activities have a high profile around the world, but there is another important side to us that doesn't get as much coverage - our supporter networks. We have almost 3 million supporters worldwide, and without them Greenpeace wouldn't...

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