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Forest protesters arrested in US

Feature story | 13 April, 2002 at 0:00

Greenpeace activists exposing a shipment of illegal Brazilian mahogany in a Miami port were arrested along with a freelance photographer.

Climate Heroes pay with their freedom

Feature story | 23 December, 2009 at 0:00

Our four activists who grabbed global media attention last week after being waved through the security cordon and allowed to gatecrash the Heads of State dinner at the Copenhagen climate summit will be spending Christmas and New Year in jail...

UK government seizes Rainbow Warrior on anti-war protest

Press release | 1 February, 2003 at 0:00

Arrested activist

Image | 6 November, 2010 at 18:28

6 November - France. Greenpeace activist who had fixed herself to the railtrack of the train taking the Castor nuclear waste transport from La Hague to the intermediate storage in Gorleben, is removed by police.

Forests Tour Rainbow Warrior

Image | 16 May, 2003 at 15:26

2003 - Greenpeace activists are being arrested by French police for blocking an entrance of Sete Harbour in France to prevent the importation of timber from the tropical rainforests in Western Africa.

Raw footage of Bhopal activist arrests

Generic multimedia item | 25 November, 2002 at 0:00

Greenpeace and local activists brutally rounded up by Indian police for the crime of trying to clean up Bhopal.

Israeli Marine forces board the SV Rainbow

Image | 8 September, 2008 at 1:00

Israeli Marine forces board the SV Rainbow Warrior at the military restricted area near the coal plant in Ashkelon, Israel. 14 Greenpeace activists were later arrested and taken into custody after protesting against the Rotenberg coal power plant...

The Story of the Red Carpet Four

Video | 23 December, 2009 at 15:40

On December 17th 2009, a group of Greenpeace activists grabs headline news around the globe by taking action during the Copenhagen climate summit. This is their story. So far.

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