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Canadian Forest Industry and Environmental Groups sign world’s largest conservation...

Press release | 18 May, 2010 at 16:15

Toronto/Montreal, May 18, 2010: Today 21 member companies of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), and nine leading environmental organizations, unveiled an unprecedented agreement – the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement – that applies...

Boreal Forest is under threat

Action | 17 February, 2015 at 17:00

Join the movement to #StandForForests and let Resolute Forest Products know: the world is watching what happens in the Boreal.

Will you Stand for the Boreal Forest?

Blog entry by Cristiana De Lia | 17 February, 2015

Most people have heard about the Amazon rainforest and how we desperately need to protect it. But there's a lesser-known, massive forest to the north that's under serious threat right now. The global Boreal Forest stretches...

Landmark pact reached to protect Canada's Boreal Forest

Feature story | 18 May, 2010 at 16:43

Today the biggest, most ambitious forest conservation deal ever has been announced: The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. After more than seven years of hard-fought campaigning to end the on-going destruction of Canada's Boreal Forest, Greenpeace...

Through The Trees The Truth Behind Logging In Canada

Publication | 18 September, 2003 at 0:00

Canada's Boreal forest is home to timber wolves, the endangered woodland caribou, wolverines, and 60 per cent of Canada's songbirds. Large-scale industrial development from oil and gas exploration, hydro-power expansion, mining and logging poses...

Kimberly Clark paper policy

Publication | 5 August, 2009 at 17:21

Kimberly-Clark's new environmental fiber policy governs how it will help conserve forests and support sustainable forestry and use more recycled fibre.

Victory for the Boreal Forest! Kimberly-Clark announces new paper policy

Feature story | 5 August, 2009 at 0:00

It is finally time to celebrate a major victory for the Boreal Forest! Kimberly-Clark has, as a result of public pressure, released a new environmental fibre policy that governs how it will help conserve forests and support sustainable forestry...

What's inside your box of Kleenex?

Feature story | 14 April, 2009 at 0:00

What’s it take to get the makers of Kleenex to protect forests as vigilantly as they protect profits? Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle, and Viva, will be holding its annual shareholder meeting in Dallas at the end...

Many Boreal wildlife species like the Woodland

Image | 21 October, 2005 at 0:00

Many Boreal wildlife species like the Woodland Caribou are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss from logging. May 2010 saw the launch of a historic accord, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement , which brings together 9...

The Boreal forest is an awe

Image | 14 October, 2005 at 0:00

The Boreal forest is an awe-inspiring and diverse wilderness of lakes, forests, rivers and marshes. It is the largest intact forest ecosystem in North America.

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