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Reality check on carbon storage

Publication | 27 May, 2009 at 0:00

Carbon capture and storage (CSS) is not a quick-fix solution for climate change and many major challenges and uncertainties remain, as this case study of the Sleipner project highlights.

All Roads Lead to Copenhagen

Blog entry by Emily | 13 May, 2009

More than any other year, 2009 is the year for action on climate change. That is because in December, leaders from around the world will converge in Copenhagen , Denmark to negotiate the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol. It is at...

Sellafield: seagulls, sludge and robots

Blog entry by Justin | 17 September, 2008

Some people complain about wind turbines from an aesthetic point of view. ‘They’re ugly,’ they’ll proclaim. ‘They ruin beautiful landscapes,’ they’ll exclaim. Then there are many who find wind turbines majestic, awe-inspiring things.

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