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Whale watchers watch whale harpooning

Blog entry by brianfit | 5 July, 2006 3 comments

"This really isn't what we came to see" was the reaction of Leontien Dieleman, a Dutch tourist who witnessed a whale killing on a Norwegian whale watch cruise. The Captain of the whaling ship told reporters he "did not expect the...

Global Day of Action is exactly what is needed

Blog entry by Andrew | 8 December, 2007

We're almost at the half-way point in this marathon of climate negotiations here in Bali, but the first week's progress has been paltry. With recognition of climate change as the single biggest threat to this planet at an all-time high...

Nuclear reactor debunks own propaganda

Blog entry by Justin | 24 July, 2008

A lot of propaganda surrounding the so-called benefits of nuclear power comes out of the industry. It’s clean, they say. It’s safe, they insist. It’s cheap, they declare. It’s going to help us cut CO2 emissions, they pronounce. It’s a...

‘Here comes the Sun’ and the Youth Summit

Blog entry by Woon | 4 December, 2007

Saturday 1 Dec 2007 by Razceljan SG-Philippines Early today, everyone was looking forward to go to Kuta Beach for the Solar Festival, but I left earlier together with Ivy and Agnes to attend the International Youth Summit on Climate...

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