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Dam collapse in Brazil destroys towns and turns river into muddy wasteland

Blog entry by Bruno Weis | 17 November, 2015 9 comments

On Thursday, November 5th, two dams holding millions of cubic meters of mining waste gave way – launching one of the worst environmental disasters in Brazilian history. Over 25,000 Olympic swimming pools worth of mud –...

Decades of environmental destruction revealed in A LIFE OF CRIME

Press release | 6 November, 2003 at 0:00

Toronto/Santiago, 6 November 2003-Greenpeace activists today held simultaneous protests to highlight the destructive activities of Canadian mining giant, Noranda, is preparing to begin in the pristine forest region of Patagonia.  

Daily News: Sao Paolo streets fill with protesters against the construction of the...

Blog entry by JPateraki | 22 August, 2011 2 comments

© Steve Morgan / Greenpeace Top news: Brazilians say no to dam construction; Tar oil is dirtier than crude oil; Bicycle Sauna Hydroelectric power: Protesters took to the streets of Sao Paulo over the weekend, fighting the...

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