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Peace and Disarmament

Topic | 20 April, 2007 at 13:35

Make no mistake; nuclear weapons are a problem today. There are approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, belonging to nine countries.

20th anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior

Press release | 10 July, 2005 at 0:00

On the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the Greenpeace flagship the Rainbow Warrior, members of the original crew gathered in Matauri Bay, New Zealand, on the second Rainbow Warrior, to pay tribute to a colleague killed and a boat bombed.

Greenpeace creates a symbol of peace in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower to commemorate...

Press release | 10 July, 2005 at 0:00

In light of the London bombings, and in memory of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by French Government agents on July 10 1985, in Auckland Harbour which killed Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira, 500 Greenpeace activists from 20...

Citizens inspection arrests

Press release | 16 April, 2005 at 0:00

A massive police presence greeted inspectors from Greenpeace and Bombspotting at NATO-HQ, SHAPE and Kleine Brogel airbase. Greenpeace activists from the six NATO countries currently hosting the 480 nuclear weapons based in Europe: Italy, Germany...

Disruptive diplomacy, not shock and awe

Action | 13 April, 2012 at 9:07

Open letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read it and sign it here. Iran nuclear crisis – Disruptive diplomacy, not shock and awe.


Sign the open letter

Securing our safety, ensuring our survival - why US NATO nuclear weapons in Europe...

Publication | 30 May, 2006 at 0:00

Six European countries - Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,Turkey and the United Kingdom - host 480 US owned and controlled nuclear bombs under NATO “nuclear sharing” arrangements. These weapons are illegal,irresponsible and unjustifiable.

Nuclear threat towards the USA or from the USA?

Press release | 10 June, 2002 at 0:00

60 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki Greenpeace renews its call for peace

Press release | 5 August, 2005 at 0:00

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Greenpeace renewed its call to world leaders to make real their decades old commitments to nuclear disarmament and for the Japanese government to abandon plans...

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