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Defending the Med

Blog entry by Dave | 15 June, 2006

Our ships Rainbow Warrior and Esperanza are both in the Mediterranean, to unite our efforts to highight the threats to tuna and other iconic species such as swordfish. Tuna is of course far more likely to be on your dinner plate than...

Spin of the day

Blog entry by Justin | 22 July, 2008

Good news, everybody! Nuclear power with all its connotations of bombs and death is getting a makeover. William Tucker, writing in the Wall Street Journal want to rename dirty, contaminating and incompetent nuclear power as ‘...

Klimaschutz Camp in Berlin

Blog entry by miko | 14 May, 2007

by Miko Alino, SG Pilipinas More Reductions Please! Rains and cold weather were no match against our high spirits as we demanded Bundestag members to wake up and take action against climate change. Greenpeace activists,...

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