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Fishing out the Pirates of the Mediterranean updated

Feature story | 7 May, 2008 at 0:00

Just a few days into our three-month “Defending Our Mediterranean” tour, and already the Arctic Sunrise has come face-to-face with pirates. In the early hours of the morning, we confiscated almost two kilometres of illegal driftnet, containing...

The pirate fishing vessel

Image | 7 July, 2008 at 0:00

The pirate fishing vessel, Luna Rossa, cut off its illegal driftnet and fled from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise.

Dead Shark in Driftnet

Image | 17 June, 2000 at 14:21

Dead shark (bycatch) found by Greenpeace in illegal driftnet, Kuril Islands, Russia. The Driftnet found floating in sea is oversized and therefore, illegal.

Hammerhead shark

Image | 15 June, 1993 at 17:46

Hammerhead Shark caught in driftnet in the Pacific ocean.

Illegally Caught Bluefin Tuna in Italy

Image | 26 July, 2009 at 16:03

An illegally caught bluefin tuna removed from the hold of the Italian fishing vessel the Frederica II. The vessel had its illegal driftnet confiscated by the Italian Coastguard and its catch was weighed and also removed. Greenpeace discovered the...

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