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Energy efficiency

Background | 16 March, 2006 at 12:36

Energy efficiency is a very broad term referring to the many different ways we can get the same amount of work (light, heat, motion, etc.) done with less energy. It covers efficient cars, energy saving lights, improved industrial practices,...

If Kumi will...will you?

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 13 March, 2013

This year’s Earth Hour on March 23 is no ordinary Earth Hour. Climate change is being felt around the world - ravaging communities, destroying lives and livelihoods. We are running out of time, but we can still fix this. Energy...

Japan offers us hope in the face of more bad news from the IPCC

Blog entry by Justin McKeating | 2 April, 2014

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released this week makes for grim reading. The attitudes and behaviour of humanity is going to have to change and quickly if we are to save ourselves...

Bulb ban could make Ireland guiding light in EU

Press release | 8 November, 2007 at 0:00

Greenpeace today launched a petition calling on the Irish Government to announce an energy efficiency law with the National Budget and Carbon Budget on 5 December, which will effectively ban conventional energy-wasting incandescent lightbulbs by...

Top Spot for HP in New Guide to Greener Electronics

Blog entry by Eoin Dubsky | 9 November, 2011

We just released a new version of the Guide to Greener Electronics , which this time ranks 15 gadget and electronics companies on energy, greener products and sustainable operations. HP takes the lead at 5.9 out of a possible 10...

Daily News: New Zealand oil drilling postponed, Bhopal disaster culprits to fund 2012...

Blog entry by Gianluca R | 8 August, 2011

© Greenpeace/Vaclav Vasku Top news: Victory as deepwater oil exploration delayed; Hong Kong to improve household energy efficiency; Dow Chemical Company will fund the 2012 Olympics. #Oil: In New Zealand, American oil giant ...

10 green New Year's resolutions - Making 2011 sustainable

Blog entry by JulietteH | 3 January, 2011 21 comments

A green and peaceful 2011? © John Javellana / Greenpeace We asked on Greenpeace's Facebook page what your green New Year's resolutions were - and there were some great ideas. Here is the top ten, for those who are still...

Better insulation 2

Image | 11 January, 1997 at 14:21

... and with thermic photography, showing heat loss for a normal house.

Better insulation

Image | 11 January, 1997 at 14:08

Improved design and better insulation of houses can prevent heat loss and reduce the amount of energy needed for heating. Here, an ordinary house in Vienna Austria, viewed with normal photography...

Better insulation 3

Image | 11 January, 1997 at 14:27

You can compare the previous 'normal building' to this insulated one. Here in normal photography...

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