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Safety of GM Crops? Alarm bells ring for European Commissioners

Feature story | 7 May, 2008 at 0:00

The GM food industry suffered another serious setback today as European Commissioners overturned the verdict of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), who had given assurances that three new types of GM crops were safe. For the first time,...

GE FREE FUTURE - The European bus tour - Bob reports from the road

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 29 March, 2010

Our GE-free bus is currently on tour around Europe - calling for a moratorium on all genetically engineered produce in the EU in order to protect consumers, farmers and the environment. The GE Free Bus leaves Greenpeace...

GE-Free Future Tour - Hungary part 3

Blog entry by Teresa Belkow | 8 April, 2010 1 comment

April 2: Street activity in Budapest on Good Friday 02/04/2010 Greenpeace GE campaigner for Hungary, Balazs Tomori (R) speaks to the press about the campaign for a GE Free Future. On Good Friday the GE-Free Future bus was the...

February 23: ban on illegal sushi and sashimi

Blog entry by Almudena | 23 February, 2010

Bluefin tuna Due to uncontrolled overfishing, which would clearly put an end to bluefin tuna stocks, the European Commission called for a ban on international trade . Though not immediate (the ban will come into effect next year),...

Coal Kills

Image | 18 January, 2011 at 16:05 1 comment

18 January 2011 - Greece. Greenpeace activists deliver sacks of coal bearing the message “Coal kills” to the European Commission’s offices in Athens. The European Commission is pressing for the liberalization of the Greek power sector, which is...

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