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Disposable Oceans?

Feature story | 3 November, 2006 at 0:00

Here in the middle of the Pacific, plastic marine debris is a harsh reality that marine creatures large and small have to live with. But for those of us onboard the Esperanza, the real impact of plastic on our oceans is still unfolding. On our...

Trash vortex

Background | 22 August, 2007 at 17:50

Graphic illustration of Pacific trash vortex showing drift of ocean pollution.

Philippines - seen and heard

Feature story | 1 September, 2006 at 18:32

During the Esperanza's tour of the Philippines our crew bore witness to shocking environmental tragedy. But we were also impressed by the resolve of people here to protect their marine resources for the benefit of future generations, and we were...

Greenpeace activists protest against the

Image | 14 August, 2008 at 1:00

Greenpeace activists protest against the Buenos Aires city government's decision to take away recycling system containers from the streets.

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