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Call for a GE-free future

Background | 21 April, 2010 at 15:11

While EU countries are banning genetically engineered (GE) crops left right and centre - the President of the EU Commission is doing his best to force them on European citizens.

Meeting the "3 Musketeers": Ministers guarding GE Free Luxembourg

Blog entry by mwilson | 7 April, 2010 1 comment

26th of March, Luxembourg city Luxembourg Minister of Health, Mr Bartolomeo signing our GE-Free Future bus. Early wake up again as today was the press conference day at the agriculture Ministry. Greenpeace Luxembourg has...

GE-Free Future Rally in Spain

Image | 17 April, 2010 at 15:43

17 April 2010 - Spain. Greenpeace Spain GE campaigner Juan Felipe Carrasco (arm in the air) joins the demonstration for a GE-free future of farming and food. Farmers, environmentalists and consumers from all over Spain demonstrate in Madrid under...

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