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GP Statement to AHOEWG

Publication | 14 February, 2006 at 0:00

Comprehensively protecting marine life on the high seas for now and for the future: The case for a new UNCLOS Implementing Agreement to protect biodiversity beyond areas of national jurisdiction

Freedom for the seas for now and for the future

Publication | 28 April, 2005 at 0:00

Greenpeace proposals to revolutionise ocean governance

Governments make slow progress on high seas protection but people’s wave of change is...

Blog entry by Sofia Tsenikli | 27 August, 2013

The UN meeting in New York discussing high seas protection ended last Friday without a splash for the oceans, but the wave of change generated by thousands of people around the world made an inspiring impact. The meeting in...

Freedom for the Seas: Now and for the Future

Publication | 1 March, 2008 at 0:00

It is clearer today than ever before that the threats to ocean life are growing and beyond the capacity of any one nation to address alone. While in the past, we primarily spoke of overfishing or destructive fishing and their impacts on ocean...

Greenpeace cautiously welcomes decision to protect deep sea life in the Pacific

Press release | 5 May, 2007 at 0:00

Greenpeace today cautiously welcomed an agreement which would protect deep-sea life in the South Pacific reached after this week's meeting to establish a South Pacific Regional Management Organisation (RFMO). Governments agreed to measures that...

Ocean action in Washington – but High Seas ignored

Blog entry by Daniel Mittler | 17 June, 2014

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, clearly cares about the ocean. He grew up with the sea and backed many progressive ocean policies while in the US Senate. You could feel that emotional connection at the OurOcean conference , which...

Closing Time For Overfishing - Creating Pacific High Seas Marine Reserves

Publication | 21 May, 2008 at 0:00

Three distinct high seas areas exist within the Western and Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO), entirely bound by the exclusive economic zones (EEZs) of surrounding island nations. These high seas enclaves, colloquially known as “donut holes” or “high...

A lot at stake for the High Seas at Rio Earth Summit

Blog entry by Sofia Tsenikli, Greenpeace International | 9 May, 2012

For most of us the word “Rio” brings to mind images of colorful carnivals and the golden beaches of the Copacabana. I wish this was true for me. For the past months, “Rio” has been short for the “ Rio+20 Earth Summit ”. The long...

Powering the plunder, fueling the fire.

Blog entry by arook | 21 September, 2009 1 comment

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered a lucky number, as the word for eight sounds similar to the word meaning ‘prosper’ or ‘wealth’ . I am pretty sure the Chen family network of companies had this in mind when naming their...

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