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Tuna future at stake

Feature story | November 24, 2006 at 0:00

Right now, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) meeting is being held in a Croatian waterfront hotel. Earlier this year the Esperanza and Rainbow Warrior travelled the Mediterranean highlighting the...

Pirate fishing: stolen fish, stolen futures

Publication | February 27, 2006 at 23:30

Armed and masked, scouring the oceans, stealing food from hungryfamilies – modern day pirates are a far cry from the glamour ofHollywood movies. But they are a multi billion-dollar reality for manycommunities that can least afford to be robbed.

European Union sinks tuna agreement

Feature story | November 25, 2008 at 15:00

Shameless. Disastrous. The international body responsible for "managing" what's left of the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic bluefin tuna stock has ignored scientific advice, the demands of Greenpeace supporters around the world, and the pleas...

Dead tuna heads for deadbeat tuna managers

Feature story | November 17, 2008 at 0:00

What does it take to get the governments responsible for the imminent collapse of the East Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery to wake up and do something? What about a mock "Pirates of the Mediterranean" poster of the responsible...

EU fails Mediterranean tuna, UN fails deep-sea life

Feature story | November 29, 2006 at 12:47

Despite warnings of the collapse of bluefin tuna stocks, the commission set up to supposedly protect them recently agreed a fishing quota of nearly twice the scientifically recommended level. This news comes hot on the heels of the failure of...

Greenpeace activists attacked during protest against EU fishing vessel

Press release | June 22, 2009 at 12:01

Greenpeace activists from the Rainbow Warrior have been violently attacked as they attempted to carry out a peaceful inspection of the Spanish fishing vessel, Cabo Tinoso Dos. The attack came as activists opened a banner, saying 'Bluefin Tuna...

Final Feeding Frenzy of a Failing Fishery

Press release | May 11, 2009 at 10:55

Disregarding agreed bluefin tuna quotas, the Turkish government has set itself a unilateral bluefin tuna quota and broken its international commitments. The announcement comes just weeks into the 2009 bluefin tuna fishing season, and just over a...

Stop the bluefin tuna massacre: Greenpeace calls for closure of the bluefin tuna...

Press release | November 17, 2008 at 10:01

Greenpeace activists have today dumped some 5 tonnes of dead bluefin tuna heads in front of the French Fisheries Ministry in Paris to protest the continued mismanagement of the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefin tuna fishery that is...

Greenpeace calls for Pacific tuna catch to be cut by half

Press release | December 3, 2007 at 10:47

Greenpeace is calling on the 4th regular meeting of the West and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, taking place this week in Guam, US, to take steps to cut the Pacific tuna catch by half in order to protect the long term integrity of the...

Atlantic bluefin tuna trade ban supported by fishery's scientists

Press release | October 29, 2009 at 16:22

Atlantic bluefin tuna meets the criteria for a ban on international trade, according to global scientists of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). This official assessment of bluefin's extreme stock decline...

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