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Chinese company tops Greenpeace "Green Ranking" of electronics industry

Feature story | 3 April, 2007 at 0:00

The latest Greenpeace ranking of electronic manufacturers' recycling and toxic content policies has a couple of surprises: a previously low ranked Chinese company leaps to the number one spot, and Apple stays in last place.

Greenpeace welcomes greener iPods, awaits greener Macs

Press release | 10 September, 2008 at 15:09

Greenpeace today applauded Steve Jobs' announcement that Apple's latest batch of revamped iPods - the iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Classic - will now be free of both PVC and BFRs, along with an absence of mercury and the use of arsenic-free glass.

Green my Apple, Steve

Feature story | 26 September, 2006 at 0:00

Here at Greenpeace, we love our Macs. But we hate the fact that they're full of toxic chemicals. And we know someone who can do something about it: you.

Does this belong to you? Apple e

Image | 26 September, 2006 at 0:00

Does this belong to you? Apple e-waste in China.

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