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Google leads latest Greenpeace climate ranking of IT industry

Press release | 8 February, 2012 at 7:30

Amsterdam, February 8th 2012 -- Greenpeace today released the 5th edition of its Cool IT Leaderboard (1), which sees Internet search engine giant Google overtaking on climate issues, followed by Cisco and Ericsson.

Google wrests control of Cool IT climate Leaderboard

Blog entry by Gary Cook | 8 February, 2012 6 comments

The tussle for the top of our Cool IT Leaderboard has taken its latest twist, with Google grabbing the top spot ahead of 20 other tech companies, including Cisco and Ericsson.  Pitching global IT companies against each other to...

Nokia, Copenhagen-shy?

Blog entry by mwilson | 9 December, 2009

Nokia's CEO Olli Kallasvuo: time to take action on climate change? Photo by dottavi on Flickr . Eureka! In what appears to be a slowly evolving trend (on a petri dish), yet another ICT CEO has come out with a statement on the...

Microsoft goes to Copenhagen

Blog entry by mwilson | 4 December, 2009 4 comments

Photo by uCrave.com . Microsoft replied to our twitter petition today - more than 230 twitterers with more than 110,000 followers, retweeted our message. Our near crazed fantasies about Steve Ballmer morphing into a climate change...

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