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McKinsey's Black Box

Publication | 7 December, 2011 at 16:29

A one page comic illustration of our report, "Bad Influence – how McKinsey-inspired plans lead to rainforest destruction".

The Mystery of McKinsey's Black Box

Blog entry by John Bowler | 7 December, 2011 2 comments

Hello from Durban, home of COP17, and for the past 10 days home of the Greenpeace forest team. Sometimes serendipity just waltzes right up to you. And that is what has just happened. Earlier this year a Greenpeace investigation ...

Daily News: Lego removes deforestation from its packaging; Yellowstone oil spill...

Blog entry by Josh S | 8 July, 2011

Top news: Lego has announced sweeping changes to its procurement processes; the Yellowstone River oil spill could have been prevented; Greenpeace report demonstrates why McKinsey shouldn’t be trusted to advise on rainforests; genetic...

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