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David McTaggart

Image | 12 June, 1996 at 0:00

David McTaggart

Chris Robinson

Image | 1 November, 1981 at 1:00

Chris Robinson, Lloyd Anderson, David McTaggart, Tony Marriner and Brice Lalonde on Greenpeace vessel "Vega" before heading to Moruroa to stop a nuclear weapons test.

Podcast: In the shadow of a nuclear bomb

Generic multimedia item | 3 August, 2005 at 19:24

The fifth Podcast for Peace episode features an audio tape David McTaggart made in 1972 from his sailing ship, Vega, as it lay hove-to in the shadow of a French nuclear weapons test that he was attempting to stop with his presence.

"Don't Make A Wave Committee"

Image | 1 September, 1971 at 0:00

The core of the 1970/71 "Don't Make A Wave Committee", which later formed Greenpeace (from right): Irving Stowe, a lawyer, Paul Cote, a law student, and Jim Bohlen, a forestry scientist. Stowe and Bohlen were long-standing peace activists. Bohlen...

First Greenpeace email login in the Soviet

Image | 8 July, 2005 at 16:16

First Greenpeace email login in the Soviet Union, 23 March 1989.

David McTaggart audio diary on eve of nuclear blast.

Generic multimedia item | 17 December, 2004 at 0:00

David McTaggart's audio diary from Vega, his 38-foot Ketch hove-to in the forbidden zone of an imminent atmospheric nuclear test. Earlier this day, McTaggart had seen the balloon carrying the test device aloft over Moruroa. He and his crew...

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