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Local solutions

Background | 10 April, 2006 at 14:08

We believe greater peace, greater security, greater safety is possible. Reaching out across national boundaries Greenpeace is working with citizens and political leaders around the world to make this happen.

The GA First Committee

Background | 10 April, 2006 at 14:08

The problems of the world are too numerous to be discussed by the whole General Assembly of the United Nations. Therefore, the global agenda is divided into to six groups or clusters, which are discussed in six Main Committees. The First...

What's the damage?

Background | 26 April, 2006 at 15:10

Populations and individuals around the world have been affected by the increase of radioactive materials in the global ecosystem. Cancers, birth defects, genetic damage, lowered immunity to diseases: these are only some of the potential effects...

Bunker busters and the future of war

Feature story | 23 September, 2003 at 0:00

As if George Bush's monumental miscalculation in Iraq wasn't bad enough for the people of Iraq and global security, the Bush regime has now moved one big step closer toward use of nuclear weapons in similar US misadventures.

The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty

Publication | 21 October, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace briefing

WMD report buried

Feature story | 6 October, 2003 at 0:00

Weapons inspector David Kay - the head of the "Iraq Survey Group" and hawkish pro-war cheerleader prior to the US attack - reports that the US has failed to find evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A version of Kay's interim report...

Nuclear weapons policy under President Bush

Publication | 1 June, 2001 at 0:00

Greenpeace International Briefing

Greenpeace, Stop Star Wars and the Bush administration

Publication | 1 August, 2001 at 0:00

Since George W. Bush became President of the United States in January there has been an enormousescalation of the Star Wars programme, both politically and financially. Greenpeace has been at the forefront of opposition to Star Wars, a system...

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