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Poor locked out of Summit on poverty

Feature story | 28 August, 2002 at 0:00

As the official negotiations continue in the heart of Johannesburg, tension is building over the issue of access to decision makers. Many ‘unofficial’ ambassadors have been sent here to voice real issues from communities around the world, yet...

Sustainable Energy for Poverty Reduction: an action plan

Publication | 30 September, 2002 at 0:00

Sustainable development will only happen if poverty is tackled and the environment is protected. It is a false dilemma to say that we either tackle poverty or we save the planet. ITDG (Practical Answers to Poverty) and Greenpeace believe that...

US President Obama's grandmother joins the Solar Generation

Press release | 20 August, 2009 at 0:00

Young Kenyans working with Greenpeace’s Solar Generation are tackling the twin problems of energy poverty and climate change today, by installing solar panels on the Senator Barack Obama School in Kogelo and on the roof of the house of Mama Sarah...

Climate Justice can help end poverty

Blog entry by Kumi Naidoo | 17 October, 2010 5 comments

See the original on the Huffington Post. In some circles it has become politically acceptable to state that poverty cannot be eradicated in our lifetime: that the means are not available, that there is a lack of political will,...

African fishermen share their stories with UK leaders

Blog entry by Gemma Freeman | 21 May, 2011 2 comments

African Voices: Unloading fish from pirogues in the harbour of Joal. © Gordon Welters / Greenpeace Three leaders of West African fishing communities arrived in the UK this past week to reveal how massive European fleets...

Head of the Ethiopian environmental protection

Image | 1 April, 2000 at 1:00

Head of the Ethiopian environmental protection authority and the non-profit Institute for Sustainable Development Dr Tewolde Egziabher.

A woman from a forest dependant community

Image | 20 October, 2006 at 0:00

A woman from a forest dependant community gathers firewood. Beyond environmental impacts, logging in this region exacerbates poverty and leads to social conflicts.

What a Carve Up!

Video | 10 April, 2007 at 14:49

Those spiffing chaps at the World Bank have a ripping wheeze to help the Democratic Republic of Congo out of poverty - cut down the vast rainforest and sell the timber for a colossal profit. Except it doesn't quite work like that...

Greenpeace Africa - people, actions, solutions

Video | 13 November, 2008 at 15:57

Deforestation, overfishing and climate change threaten the future of the environment and the people of Africa.

Bringing Solar to Mama Sarah Obama

Video | 26 August, 2009 at 15:28

Greenpeace have installed solar energy in the village of Barack Obama's grandmother in Kenya providing electricity to her house as well as to the community's school.

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